Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
  Call Services for Bedfordshire on 0800 0282 887
Counselling and support
Experiencing a crime can have devastating consequences on your mental and physical wellbeing. It is important that you are not left to deal with the experience alone if you want help. Whether you report a crime or not, there is support and practical advice available to assist you to cope and recover from your experience.
What kind of support is available?
There are a number of specialist counselling organisations providing support and advice to victims of crime. These cover a wealth of issues that could arise in the aftermath of the offence, including:-
  • Help to restore mental and physical health
  • Assisting family members with recovery
  • Learning new skills and qualifications
  • Help finding work
  • Support with managing finances and accessing benefits
  • Accommodation needs
  • Someone speaking on your behalf to get you the help you need
What happens after I report a crime?
After you have reported a crime, you will be asked if you would like some assistance from Bedfordshire Victim Support or, in some cases, a more specialised service. Bedfordshire Victim Support provides free, confidential support to those affected by crime. This can be on the phone, at your home or at an agreed community venue.
The support provided is based on your needs, whether it is emotional support or practical information and advice, including:-
  • Information about criminal injuries compensation
  • Personal safety and security advice
  • Help with paperwork
  • Signposting you to other support services
Contact Bedfordshire Victim Support on 0845 459 5995
Where else can I get help?
Supporting Victims of Crime
Local Listings
ACCM is a Bedfordshire-based charity working to support victims of illegal harmful practices such as female genital mutilation and honour-based abuse among Black, Asian, minority ethnic and other disadvantaged communities
Bedford Women’s Centre 2. Bedford Women’s Centre
Bedford Women’s Centre
Bedford Women’s Centre aim is to support women in the community to improve the quality of life for them and their families. They offer one to one support and mentoring, weekly workshops, training courses (both accredited and non-accredited) and support groups for women to promote healthy relationships and eradicate Domestic Abuse. The centre is run by Family Groups Bedford, which is a registered charity who have provided services to the local community since 1982.
Home Start - Helping Hands 4. Home Start - Helping Hands
Home Start - Helping Hands
Home-Start Central Bedfordshire provides support services to families with young children in Central Bedfordshire and Luton. Home-Start is one of the leading family support charities in the UK. Since 1984 the charity has been helping local young children and their families struggling to cope with disabilities and additional needs, domestic violence and abuse, poverty, financial issues and unsafe environments and mental ill health.
Luton All Women's Centre 6. Luton All Women's Centre
Luton All Women's Centre
The Domestic Abuse Service supports vulnerable women who are experiencing  domestic abuse, or have suffered it in the past, in Luton and Bedfordshire as a whole. Alongside individual casework, you can access specialist support groups and receive bespoke packages of wraparound care.
Mary Seacole Housing 7. Mary Seacole Housing
Mary Seacole Housing
The Association provides value for money, quality supported accommodation to young single homeless people, enabling them to develop the skills needed to move from a state of dependence to independence.
Road Victims Trust 8. Road Victims Trust
Road Victims Trust
The Road Victims Trust is a registered charity offering a range of free support services to residents of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire who have been affected by fatal road collisions.
Stepping Stones 9. Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones support victims of domestic abuse and other trauma, offering one to one, specialist group-based support and counselling. It aims to enable, support and inspire women and their children to live safer, happier lives and reach their full potential in life.
The King's Arms Project 10. The King's Arms Project
The King's Arms Project
The Kings Arms Project supports vulnerable individuals to secure stable accommodation and employment opportunities. By working with socially excluded and marginalised groups their aim is to reduce re-offending, break the poverty-cycle and reliance on the benefits system and move clients forward to become contributing members of their communities.
Women's Aid Luton 12. Women's Aid Luton
Women's Aid Luton
Women’s Aid in Luton is a voluntary organisation supporting women and children who have become victims of domestic abuse. They offer tailored support and access to refuge accommodation.
Supporting Victims of Crime
National Listings
Action Fraud Action Fraud
Action Fraud
Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and internet crime. You should report fraud to them if you have been scammed, defrauded or experienced cybercrime. The site also gives advice on protecting against fraud and provides a list of useful organisations.
Action on Elder Abuse Action on Elder Abuse
Action on Elder Abuse
The site focus exclusively on the issue of elder abuse and address abuse in people's own homes (whether by family, friends or paid staff), in sheltered housing, and in care homes and hospitals.
Addaction Addaction
Addaction can offer support with drug or alcohol use or concerns about mental health. The charity works hard to ensure that each individual receives tailored and effective support to make a lasting change to their life.
Barnardo's Barnardo's
Barnardo’s is the largest provider of child sexual exploitation support services in the UK. Staffed by qualified professionals, these services provide a safe and confidential environment where young people can go for help, advice and support. Use the site to search for services in your local area.
Brake Brake
Brake is a road safety charity working with communities and organisations across the UK to stop the tragedy of road deaths and injuries, make streets and communities safer for everyone and support people bereaved and seriously injured on roads.
CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection) provides advice about staying safe online for children and parents and allows victims to report any online behaviour they are uncomfortable with.
ChildLine ChildLine
ChildLine is a private and confidential service for children and young people up to the age of 19. The service provides support and guidance for children and young adults, on a wide range of topics including FGM.
Crimestoppers Crimestoppers
Crimestoppers is an independent charity helping police locate criminals and solve crimes through anonymous reporting. The site also provides crime prevention advice for a number of crimes.
Digital-Trust Digital-Trust
Digital-Trust provides technical expertise to victims, charities, support groups and organisations working in the criminal justice system, as well as directly to people who experience digital abuse
Direct Gov Direct Gov
Direct Gov
This website provides more information on getting financial support for victims of crime and also provides a link to the online form to claim compensation for criminal injury.
FGM Health Services FGM Health Services
FGM Health Services
This page provides information on health services for those who have been affected by FGM.
Frank Frank
Frank provides high-quality, impartial information on the effects and harm of drugs to anyone, whatever your age, along with advice and support if you, your children or someone they know is at risk of drug misuse.
Get Safe Online Get Safe Online
Get Safe Online
The Get Safe Online website provides practical advice on how to protect yourself, your computers and mobile devices and your business against fraud, identity theft, viruses and other problems encountered online.
Immobilise Immobilise
Immobilise is a free service which allows the public or business to register their possessions or company assets. The online checking service is used regularly by UK police to trace an owner’s lost and stolen property. The site helps to reduce crime and return property, once recovered, to its rightful owner.
ManKind Initiative ManKind Initiative
ManKind Initiative
This confidential helpline is available for all men across the UK suffering from domestic violence or domestic abuse by their current or former wife or partner (including same-sex partner). The site provides emotional support and practical information to victims, family and friends.
Nacoa Nacoa
The National Association for Children of Alcoholics was set up to address the needs of children growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from alcoholism or a similar addictive problem.
Narcotics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous is a society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. The members are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay “clean”, avoiding use of drugs.
National Wildlife Crime Unit National Wildlife Crime Unit
National Wildlife Crime Unit
The primary focus of the National Wildlife Crime Unit is to help in detecting and preventing wildlife crime by working in conjunction with a number of organisations, including the police.
Refuge Refuge
Refuge offers a range of services including refuge, outreach and resettlement support to women and children who have experienced domestic violence, stalking, honour-based violence, trafficking, forced marriage and female genital mutilation.
Rights of Women Rights of Women
Rights of Women
This organisation provides women with the legal advice and information they need to understand using the law and their legal rights. The organisation also works towards improving the law for women and increasing women’s access to justice.
Road Peace Road Peace
Road Peace
Road Peace, the national charity for road traffic victims, provides vital information and advocacy, practical and emotional support to those bereaved and injured as the result of a road crash. Support varies from telephone support, local group support, remembrance or trauma support for the bereaved and practical guidance in the form of justice and advocacy support regarding inquests and road death investigation. Road Peace also educates and campaigns for a real reduction in danger on our roads.
Salvation Army Salvation Army
Salvation Army
The Salvation Army can provide a wide range of support for victims of human trafficking and modern slavery. This support ranges from counselling, medical treatment and translation and interpretation services.
Secured by Design Secured by Design
Secured by Design
Secured by Design is an official police initiative which focusses on design and security for new and refurbished homes, commercial premises and car parks, as well as identifying quality security products and crime prevention projects. The site provides helpful crime prevention tips on how you can protect your home or business against crime. 
Stonewall Stonewall
Stonewall is a national charity supporting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people across the country. It offers a wealth of advice on a whole range of subjects, from understanding and reporting hate crime to providing advice and information on discrimination.
Stop Hate Stop Hate
Stop Hate
Stop Hate offers information and guidance to anyone who may be affected by hate crime. The organisation works alongside local partnerships to tackle hate crime and discrimination, encourage reporting and support the individuals and communities it affects.
Stop Hate UK Stop Hate UK
Stop Hate UK
Stop Hate offers information and guidance to anyone who may be affected by hate crime. The organisation works alongside local partnerships to tackle hate crime and discrimination, encourage reporting and support the individuals and communities it affects.
Stop LGBT Hate Crime Helpline Stop LGBT Hate Crime Helpline
Stop LGBT Hate Crime Helpline
The Stop LGBT Hate Crime Helpine is a 24/7 telephone helpline covering England, Wales and Scotland.
Support Line Support Line
Support Line
SupportLine provides a confidential telephone helpline offering emotional support to any individual on any issue. The helpline is primarily a preventative service and aims to support people before they reach the point of crisis. It is particularly aimed at those who are socially isolated, vulnerable, at-risk groups and victims of any form of abuse.
The Hope Programme The Hope Programme
The Hope Programme
The Hope Programme offers a telephone helpline, emotional support and counselling to women and girls, men and boys, over 10 years old who have suffered rape and sexual violence.
The Mix The Mix
The Mix
The Mix (formerly Get Connected) is a service designed for under 25s to support them with any issue they may be facing. After contacting and discussing the issue, the team can then put them in contact with relevant services.
The National Association for People Abused at Childhood The National Association for People Abused at Childhood
The National Association for People Abused at Childhood
The National Association for People Abused at Childhood, or NAPAC, provides a range of services which offer direct support to adults dealing with a history of childhood abuse.
The National Centre for Domestic Violence The National Centre for Domestic Violence
The National Centre for Domestic Violence
The National Centre for Domestic Violence was established to help survivors of domestic violence obtain protection against an abuser, as well as offering services to the police, probation service, domestic abuse agency workers, the legal profession and judiciary. The organisation provides free, fast and effective legal support to survivors of domestic abuse.
Think Jessica Think Jessica
Think Jessica
Think Jessica is a registered charity supported by agencies, organisations and police forces nationwide and is committed to making people aware of the danger and financial implications caused by postal and telephone scams, educating professionals and protecting the most vulnerable members of our society from illegal practices.
True Vision True Vision
True Vision
True Vision is a great source of information for anyone who may be a victim of hate crime and allows victims to report hate incidents/crime through an online form.
Unseen Unseen
Unseen work towards a world without slavery. Their specialist care is the first step in the fight against slavery. Through supporting survivors, Unseen gives them a safe place to recover from trauma and rebuild their lives. While there are victims of trafficking, Unseen want to be here to offer them the safety, hope and choice they deserve. 
There are no national support services for this in our directory

If you are unsure whether you have been a victim of crime, please talk to one of our advisors on 0800 0282 887