Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
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What is child abuse?
Child abuse is a form of action taken by another person, adult or child that causes significant harm to a child. It can be physical, sexual or emotional, but can just as often be about a lack of love, care and attention. We know that neglect, whatever form it takes, can be equally as damaging to a child as physical abuse.  Every child who has experienced abuse or neglect will have their own response to the trauma. While some children have long-lasting effects, others are able to recover quicker and with ease. There is not a right or wrong way for a child to manage effects of the abuse and neglect they have suffered.
An abused child will often experience more than one type of abuse, as well as other difficulties in their lives. It often happens over a period of time, rather than being a one-off event.
There are many different types of child abuse e.g. domestic abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, online abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, bullying and child sexual exploitation.
We estimate that over half a million children are abused in the UK each year.
Children are usually abused by someone in their immediate family circle. This can include parents, brothers or sisters, babysitters or other familiar adults. It is quite unusual for strangers to be involved.
It can be hard to detect long-standing abuse by an adult the child is close to. It is often very difficult for the child to tell anyone about it, as the abuser may have threatened to hurt them if they tell anybody. A child may not say anything because they think it is their fault, that no one will believe them or think they will be teased or punished. The child may even love the abusing adult. They want the abuse to stop, but they don't want the adult to go to prison or for the family to break up.
Children who are abused or neglected may present with a variety of difficulties and behaviours depending on where, when and the type of abuse they have experienced.
Child abuse and neglect can affect all domains of development such as physical, psychological, emotional, behavioural, and social.
There are many impacts abuse can have on a child e.g. attachment and relationship problems, learning and development problems, mental health, youth suicide, alcohol and drug use, behavioural problems, physical health problems, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, aggression, violence and criminal activity and fatal abuse.

It is important that not all young people will react in the same way. Here are some tipsfor parents/guardians supporting a young person to encourage them to talk:

- Make sure they know they can talk to you.

- Give them time and listen to what they say.

- Don't judge their actions or thoughts.

- Ask them how you can help.

- Let them make their own decisions.

Local Listings
ACCM is a Bedfordshire-based charity working to support victims of illegal harmful practices such as female genital mutilation and honour-based abuse among Black, Asian, minority ethnic and other disadvantaged communities
Bedford Open Door 2. Bedford Open Door
Bedford Open Door
Bedford Open Door is a charity providing free and confidential counselling to young people experiencing mental health issues linked to trauma, adverse childhood experiences and complex, chaotic lifestyles, often relating to abuse, violence and addiction.
FACES provides practical and emotional support to disadvantaged and deprived families who have been victims of crime and have experienced Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), sexual violence and trafficking, as well as one to one support for victims of domestic abuse and their children.
Home Start - Helping Hands 4. Home Start - Helping Hands
Home Start - Helping Hands
Home-Start Central Bedfordshire provides support services to families with young children in Central Bedfordshire and Luton. Home-Start is one of the leading family support charities in the UK. Since 1984 the charity has been helping local young children and their families struggling to cope with disabilities and additional needs, domestic violence and abuse, poverty, financial issues and unsafe environments and mental ill health.
Women's Aid Luton 5. Women's Aid Luton
Women's Aid Luton
Women’s Aid in Luton is a voluntary organisation supporting women and children who have become victims of domestic abuse. They offer tailored support and access to refuge accommodation.
Supporting Victims of Crime
National Listings
Barnardo's Barnardo's
Barnardo’s is the largest provider of child sexual exploitation support services in the UK. Staffed by qualified professionals, these services provide a safe and confidential environment where young people can go for help, advice and support. Use the site to search for services in your local area.
CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection) provides advice about staying safe online for children and parents and allows victims to report any online behaviour they are uncomfortable with.
ChildLine ChildLine
ChildLine is a private and confidential service for children and young people up to the age of 19. The service provides support and guidance for children and young adults, on a wide range of topics including FGM.
CHUMS Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Service for Children and Young People provides therapeutic support in a variety of ways.  CHUMS has developed a unique service delivery model to ensure that children and young people are able to access a service that supports their individual needs. 
Crimestoppers Crimestoppers
Crimestoppers is an independent charity helping police locate criminals and solve crimes through anonymous reporting. The site also provides crime prevention advice for a number of crimes.
FGM Health Services FGM Health Services
FGM Health Services
This page provides information on health services for those who have been affected by FGM.
Freedom From Abuse Freedom From Abuse
Freedom From Abuse

Freedom From Abuse exists to prevent child sexual abuse through education and training and engaging with parents, carers and all kinds of organisations involved with children to give them the knowledge and skills they need to prevent abuse from happening.

The Mix The Mix
The Mix
The Mix (formerly Get Connected) is a service designed for under 25s to support them with any issue they may be facing. After contacting and discussing the issue, the team can then put them in contact with relevant services.
The National Association for People Abused at Childhood The National Association for People Abused at Childhood
The National Association for People Abused at Childhood
The National Association for People Abused at Childhood, or NAPAC, provides a range of services which offer direct support to adults dealing with a history of childhood abuse.
There are no national support services for this in our directory

If you are unsure whether you have been a victim of crime, please talk to one of our advisors on 0800 0282 887