Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
Support for Crime Victims in Bedfordshire
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If you have been the victim of a crime, it is important that you understand the steps that come next and how to receive the support you need.

Your first step is to tell somebody what has happened. We would encourage you to report it to the police. I However, we do understand that your first conversation may be with a support service that can give you advice around what will happen when you take that next step.

Whoever you speak with will record what has happened and will try to give you the best information, advice and support. Taking the next step, will be your choice, in your time.

To ensure you get the best service possible the Government has set-up a Victim’s Code.

If you are a victim of crime that took place in England or Wales, you are entitled to support under the Victim’s Code. You are also entitled to support if you are a close relative of somebody who has been killed as result of a crime. Business or enterprises (such as charities) that are victims of a crime are also covered under the code.
The Victim’s Code outlines a set of standards of what all victims are entitled to under the following headings:
Support and information
Reporting the crime
Support and advice
Keeping you informed
Going to court
Being a witness
The verdict
Restorative Justice
Find out more about the Victim’s Code by going to: The Victim's Code of Practice

If you want help but do not want to involve either the police or the courts then please seek advice from the support services listed on this website. No call is wasted – helping and reassuring you is why Signpost to Support is here to help you.
If you are unsure whether you have been a victim of crime, please talk to one of our advisors on 0800 0282 887